Refer & Earn Policy

Refer & Earn Policy



  • You should have must 2 users registered with your reference number.


  • When your 2 referred users also will join any users then your refer amount will be release.




Per Refer Amount is Rs 10/-


  • Suppose Your Reffered users ‘A’ and ‘B’, Then Your Hold Amount is Rs 20/- . 


  • When ‘A’ will join ‘C’ then your  Rs 10/- will be released and Rs 10/-  on hold.


  • When also ‘B’ will join ‘D’ user then your Rs 10/-  will be released.


          Again Example :- 


  • If You will join ‘A’ user and ‘A’ user also join any other user which is ‘C’ then your hold amount Rs 10/- will not be released. Because you will have to join ‘B’ user. When ‘B’ user will join then your ‘A’ user hold amount Rs 10/- will be released.


Note :- Refer Amount will be variey but fix that starting bonus of per refer registration  Rs.5/-